hSenid as technical partner for...

hSenid as technical partner for 1 to 1 Amazon Cloud Computing

hSenid was the proud technical partner for the 1 to 1 Amazon Cloud Computing session, organised by Amazon Inc, which took place on the 8th of May 2015 at OZO Colombo, Sri Lanka. The session included a diverse target audience, from corporate to public sector representatives who were present to explore the opportunities available with the cloud platform. hSenid has been utilizing the AWS cloud platform since the launch of the PeoplesHR application. hSenid was invited by AWS as a successful entrepreneur and technical partner to showcase how Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform had helped deliver the PeoplesHR cloud based HRIS system to different market segments in Sri Lanka and abroad. The representatives of hSenid highlighted how such a complex and comprehensive application such as PeoplesHR operates on the Amazon cloud and how it delivers to our end users in a simple and user friendly manner.