hSenid Tracking Solutions redefines tracking systems by designing, developing and providing solutions to track, secure and manage assets of companies, whether  it is the employees, place or objects.

We cater to each of our customer’s unique organisational needs and industry requirements by tailoring the solutions specifically for them. We provide consultancy services for our clients to ensure they receive a solution that perfectly fits their organisational need. hSenid Tracking Solutions is also dedicate towards superior after-sales services to make sure clients reap the best out of the solutions.

Tracking & Access Automation

We design solutions to automate accessibility to certain places or objects

  • Building access management
  • Car park access automation
  • Network access control

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Tracking & Security

We offer customised systems to track presence and take measures to secure a place or an object

  • Biometric based high secure door lock designs
  • Building virtual security management
  • Airport security management
  • Locker management

Time & Attendance Management

We tailor systems to track employee presence at office building and design systems to trace employees when they are out in the field

  • Time tracking and attendance
  • Employee meal management
  • Visitor Management

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Crowd Control & Management Solution

We provide integrated solutions to manage crowds at large scale events

  • A holistic product from one company
  • Reliable company backed by 17 years of industry experience
  • Expert consultancy team
  • Excellent after-sales support and services
  • Customised solutions to fit organisational requirements
  • Emphasis on minimum downtime
  • Facilitates integration with third-party software



Address: 2nd Floor, Scanwell Building, 67/1, Hudson Road, Off Perahera Mw, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.

Email : info@hsenidbiz.com

Phone : +94 11 462 1111

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