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To all valued members of the hSenid community,

To all valued members of the hSenid community,

Extending support and business continuity during COVID-19 outbreak

As we face this unfortunate catastrophe together, our sincere concern goes out to the families and communities affected by COVID 19. As a responsible indigenous multinational, we work towards supporting and adhering to the rules and regulations put forward by the government and have taken necessary measures towards the health and safety of our employees.

hSenid being the Global Sri Lankan in HRIS believe in the true Sri Lankan spirit of helping one and another in not only good times but also at times of need. During this crisis, our team ensures to help you
look after the most important asset of any business involved, "its people" in the best way possible. Letting you focus on people, while our team focuses on the processes.

As much as we take in to consideration the health and safety of our employees and take measures to work remotely, we request the cooperation of our fellow clients to support us during this
course of action. Having said that, hSenid assures you no service breakdown and we would be servicing as usual to make sure PeoplesHR cloud and On premise, our people centric HR solutions cater to all your HR requirements without any interruptions.

Taking a step forward, we would like to notify that in an instance where you cannot get through to your first customer contact point, please feel free to reach out to the project manager, while our CEO is available to help you as a contact of last resort.

With the responsibility of taking care of over 1,000,000 users of 1200 organisations across 18 industries in over 35 countries, our goal is to minimise the impact of the delivery of service to your organisation, take into count the health and safety of our employees and support the government of Sri Lanka to control the spread of COVID 19. As after all hSenid is 'All about people'.

As we hope for the best, we humbly request you all to stay safe and take the necessary precaution to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

Yours sincerely,
Team hSenid.