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hSenid Biz Solutions expands global reach
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hSenid Biz Solutions expands global reach

Sri Lanka’s premier enterprise IT company, hSenid, implemented a Government-wide interconnected, scalable Human Capital Management (HCM) System, connecting over 235 ministries and local agencies and over 450,000 officers in Uganda. hSenid’s latest partnership with the Government of Uganda is another milestone in its cap of international business, with this pioneer Sri Lankan enterprise IT company now present in 40 countries, serving over 1,300 clients. 

The system facilitates provision of accurate and timely Human Resource Information for strategic decision-making; plus, improved controls to realign with policies towards achieving the Government’s objectives. The implementation is part of the Ugandan Government’s ‘Vision 2040’ program, which seeks to automate work functions and reduce paperwork for greater operational efficiencies. 

Prior to hSenid’s implementation, the absence of a central database and records had proved an impediment towards timely decision for the Government in the East African nation. Eliminating ‘Ghost Employees’ in Government service was critical to control loss of state funds. The Government also identified the need to enhance the pensions process and recruitment cycle, which had previously taken as long as 12 months due to inept procedures. Government institutions in Uganda took over six months to identify resource requirements, and with hSenid’s HCM Solution, this process could now be completed within a matter of days or even minutes. The system also facilitates tracking of performance of key operational groups aligned with Government policies and procedures that previously had low visibility and transparency.

“In Uganda, 56% of the population is below 18 years, and by 2040, the country will boast a young and dynamic workforce that can contribute effectively to its growth. With its ‘Vision 2040’ program, the Government is taking progressive measures to lay the foundation for youth to capitalise on opportunities in the future, and for Government agencies across the board to become enablers of fast-paced development in growth in every sector. 

“hSenid is privileged to be a partner in this journey with the Ugandan Government, and we are proud of the confidence and trust placed upon us by the international community to build and grow solutions that will transform their futures,” averred hSenid Group Chairman Dinesh Saparamadu.

With hSenid, the Government of Uganda could standardise processes across Human Resources and Finance, Employee Engagement and integrate with other systems and gain better insight into reliable data. Establishing management control, resource planning, recruitment management, performance management, payroll, talent and succession planning, disciplinary management, grievance management, retirement and pension management are some of the many aspects offered by the hSenid solution. 

Additionally, hSenid HCM is integrated with other systems like the Enterprise Service Bus, NIRA , IFMS, PDMS and PBS systems to ensure seamless integration between HCM with other Government institutions to increase efficiency and share information among other systems to ensure data consistency within systems.

“What we hoped to do is support and enhance the Government’s capabilities to achieve its growth objectives, and the test-stage offered fantastic results that were welcomed by all stakeholders. The solution was built entirely by hSenid’s team here in Sri Lanka, and it demonstrates the talents and capacity of the team from Sri Lanka. 

“We offer an integrated solution to our clientele, which delivers greater efficiencies with cost and deployment. We pay great attention to the user interface to ensure ease of function, learning and acceptance. In addition, we had deployed several impressive projects across Africa and Asia Pacific, which all contributed to the confidence the Government of Uganda had in us to deliver this comprehensive ground-breaking solution,” added hSenid Business Solutions CEO Sampath Jayasundara.


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