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Five tips for HR Tech buyers of 2019
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Five tips for HR Tech buyers of 2019

When thinking about an HR Tech investment, there are a few areas that organisations look keenly into before making the final commitment. The vender experience, features, ratings and reviews are among the list that will follow as you shortlist the right solution for your organisation. Although, over the years, technology, requirements, offering and capabilities change. So what would you need to really look out for when you make the choice of a new tech addition to your HR. So avoid the little traps and misses that will impact your decision with these few tips.


Don’t let the new and shiny, fool you

Every business has the aim of capturing the most vulnerable customer, who would fall for the little marketing gimmicks that are used to promote the brand. The new features and the fancy words don’t always mean best for you. Every product is made to look appealing to all until you really evaluate it against your requirements. So keep your head in the right track and always prioritise the requirements of the organisation and employees. Know that words and images can be picture perfect in the general perspective and not necessarily for your unique requirements.


Aim for growth

It’s always important to think ahead and identify if the solutions you have in mind, support the plans you have for the future. Many speak of the future in general terms, but does it apply directly to your organisations future, or are they speaking of a different future. One that might not have you in the picture. So plan ahead and identify the changes and requirements that you will be facing in the future before you make the decision. To make sure the solution you choose can keep up with what you see coming in your organisation as you move ahead.


User interface and user experience, matter a lot

HR solutions have been around for a while and still there are many moments that everything comes to a halt when what is meant to happen doesn’t happen. As many of us have gotten use to the smartphone and social media like layouts and efficiency, it is important to identify if the same applies for your preferred HR solution. The task at hand might not be as easy as a scroll through Instagram or clicking a picture, although if it’s complicated beyond return and gets your head spinning in circles, then it might be one of the biggest problems you’ll face in the future. So make sure it’s easy on the eyes and not too heavy on your head to manage. 


Who owns the problem?

There is a reason why a software is also refered to as a solution, because there is a problem to fix. Although, the question is, if the solution is really the solution or a problem itself. If the solution that is meant to fix it all, creates more problems over time, then the struggle is real. Because while you battle the problems within the organisation, you will be adding more fuel to a fire that might just have started as a spark. Reviews, ratings, and real life recommendations can help you dodge the bullet in getting yourself into sticky situations with the wrong solution.


People matter

And finally to the one tip that matters over all. Always remember what you are making the investment on and that should ideally be your people. This applies both ways too, as you not only invest on your people but also get more people joining in as you make the final decision of a vendor. Make sure the people coming in, can work with the people inside your organisation. As the last thing you want is a conflict between the two. Making sure the investment was one that benefits all and keeps everyone happy.


The HR Tech industry is growing and changing more and more every day, and choices become harder and more complex over time. Making the right choice becomes easier when you set your priorities straight and know what you are looking for, from the start. So happy tech shopping! Hope this helped at least a little.