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How to Increase Tech Industry’s Talent Pool by Attracting Female Talent

The gender gap in the tech industry is an ongoing problem for most of the countries around the world. Companies are struggling to attract female talent. According to Deloitte insights 24% of females are working on tech positions in the United States while Europe is much worse it is only 7%. Tech industry is an extremely comprehensive industry, and anyone can learn, develop. With upcoming advanced technologies and business models, endless opportunities are developing and growing in the tech industry. To avail such opportunities and fill the skills shortage in the industry, tech companies need to attract and most importantly retain female talent. This article discusses strategies that could help tech companies attract and retain female talent.     

Build interest in tech jobs at an early age 

This is the foundation of making a change in society. It is harder to build an interest in tech jobs among your children if you do not have anyone in your family who works in the tech industry. According to recent research, family members have a huge influence on children to become interested in a particular sector. If the family is not able to build an interest among their children it is up to schools to do the hard work. Schools need to focus on preventing the spread of negative notions of girls in tech. Myths and sociological barriers need to be thrown away to build a future-ready female workforce which suits every industry.

Appreciate more female role models in the tech industry 

More than 80% of the tech industry is dominated by the males and they are mostly the ones featured in media platforms. Gender discrimination and gender pay gap must be removed from the industry. Organisations and industry-related authorities need to come up with strategies to showcase success stories about women who have emerged as industry leaders in the tech scene. Those stories could inspire children who tend to follow their idol’s footsteps to achieve their goals. Such initiatives may help girls to move away from beliefs like ‘women cannot succeed in the tech industry’. 

Encourage women to apply for more tech jobs

It is important to create an environment in which women feel more comfortable and it will help organisations to attract them to the industry. LinkedIn research found that women are unlikely to apply for a position unless they meet all skills requirements, whereas men usually apply for jobs even if they have 6 out of 10 of the required skills. Therefore, the content strategy needs to be on point, and you need to use gender-neutral language to attract both male and female talent to your pool.

The above guidelines can help companies attract more women to their workforce. But in order to retain them, job satisfaction is a must.  Helping female workers maintain a healthy work-life balance is a good starting point.