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Simple Ways to Increase Your Employee Experience

In this era creating better employee experience requires some effort, but the outcome can be much worthy if you follow the right steps which relate to your organisation. Employee experience can be evaluated through three main pillars and those are employee feelings, behaviour, and attitudes. Recent studies have found that positive employee experience is directly connected to attracting and retaining talent. This era is more powerful era than others and candidates are seating in the driving seat, and they can choose which direction to go. Companies have no other choice, but they only must compete with other competitors to grab the best talents to their organisations. If companies want to grab the best talents and retain the top talents they have, they need to continuously provide a positive experience to their employees. Now a day’s salary is not the only thing which keeps employees with the organisation. Below mentioned activities are also important for the organisation to attract and retain talents by providing a good employee experience.


Have a pleasant start

Employee experience starts with the candidate experience. Therefore, you need to come up with strategies to optimise candidate experience through your career page. Companies need to showcase employee experience in each touchpoint in the onboarding process. As per the Gallup survey, only 12% of the employees agrees that their organisation is having a good onboarding process. 20% of the employee turnover happens with the first 45 days and 69% of the candidates are more likely to stay with the employer for three years if they had a great onboarding experience. Therefore, it is important for organisations to allocate more budgets on onboarding process so they can gain maximum output from their onboarding programme.


Learning and development opportunities 

94% of the employees are willing to stay longer with companies who are investing in employees’ learning and development. On the other hand, 45% of the employees are planning to leave their organisation because of the lack of investment and opportunities for career growth. World’s best talent solution LinkedIn’s annual research found that career development opportunities are the first concern why people change their jobs. They have identified that 59% of the employees and candidates who joined the new companies because of the strong career path opportunities. These are interesting statistics for organisations to identify the value of learning and development opportunities. To increase employee satisfaction, it is a must to have a good learning and development platform and culture within the organisation.


Reward and recognition 

Employee recognition is a very important aspect when it comes to creating a positive employee experience. Organisations need to recognise and reward their employees on regular basis to overcome the risk of losing valuable employees. Recent research has found that employees who are getting reward and recognition for their good work are five times more likely to stay with the company. Gallup found that 65% of the employees have not received any form of recognition for their good work in last year. To get rid of employee dissatisfaction organisations can implement easy ways to recognise and reward their employees. According to Gallup poll, they have identified public recognition, private recognition, evaluation or reviews, promotion and new job title and monetary awards are the most common and memorable ways of reward and recognition. Organisations can easily implement these types of activities to improve the employee experience.

Delivering a positive employee experience will allow organisations to experience some benefits. Improved retention with easier talent attraction, higher innovation rates, better customer satisfaction and higher productivity are the major benefits that come with the better employee experience. The most important statistic is it will help organisations to improve profitability by 25%. Also, 80% of the executives are stated that having appositive employee experience is a vital aspect of organisational culture. Therefore, it is important for the organisation to practice and implement small steps to improve employee satisfaction before it is too late.