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Do you think your HR team is doing a better job at satisfying your employees?

Employee satisfaction is an important aspect of HR. It is very clear that a happy and interconnected workforce correlates directly with motivation and performance levels of employees. Most companies do not want to be known for having a stressful environment that employees cannot handle. However, it’s not just a matter of public perception. I believe that high work satisfaction can benefit your organization in different ways. 

Every employee looks forward to the weekend because it is their only break from work and allows them to spend time with their families and friends. I remember looking forward to going out with my parents and spending time with them every weekend when I was a kid. Every child strives for their parents to spend time with them and this is something businesses should ponder upon when they expect employees to work on weekends. But at the same time, it should be accepted that there are unavoidable circumstances where you do need assistance on holidays but let's not take advantage of it. As a HR leader, what can you do to ensure your own job satisfaction, as well as your employees’? Here are few tips to ensure that all of your employees are satisfied with their jobs. 

Be open to work from home and alternate working conditions  

For some people, transportation is nothing more than a cause of stress. Allowing employees to work from home twice or thrice a week can boost satisfaction and decrease stress. When it is important for people to be together some of the time, hybrid work arrangements often succeed well. Moreover, this gives the employees control over their work schedule and it is extremely valuable when it comes to attending personal needs of their life. Work-life balance is an important aspect for the new generation and sometimes rules over the monetary benefits received.

Benefits can be made more creative 

Employee benefits are sometimes an ignored component in the compensation package which has a direct impact on job satisfaction. The benefits that the current workforce expects are changing, and most companies have made no adjustments, despite the fact that they are relatively low-cost to implement and earn a lot of motivation from employees. The following are few adjustments that you could impose at your company.

Providing meals
Nothing beats employer-provided food in today's workforce. It shows that the company is serious about creating a supportive environment for its employees. As a result, company-paid lunches are viewed as an important perk that is difficult to give up, especially for Youngsters.

Recreational area
Making a recreational area for your employees will help them stay motivated and refreshed throughout the day. When the work environment is fun and interesting, the brain is motivated to think creatively and come up with out-of-the-box ideas. 

Workplace Day care
- This is generally an on-site facility that provides child care for the children of employees. Many female employees struggle with child care and spend nearly half of their salary on it. As a matter of fact, companies could provide a workplace day care where parents can bring their children to work as a perk. 

Involve and engage your employees  

Employee satisfaction improves when you involve and engage your employees. Teams that work collaboratively with engagement are happier and more satisfied. Making employees fully involved is the best way to motivate them. To listen to them when they are in need, to show them that they are equally important and that their efforts and hard work are always recognized. 

Employees who are satisfied will always put their best foot forward and work towards the bottom line. The current workforce is changing, and so are their expectations.  It is important that HR leaders pay attention to them as well as the above mentioned practices in order to ensure employee satisfaction. Our PeoplesHR cloud software's Happiness feature will assist you in determining whether or not your employees are satisfied. Employees can use the happiness feature to express their appreciation for their jobs by simply selecting the appropriate mood emoji. If you would like to learn more about your employees' satisfaction, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help.