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Key Factors Which Gen Z Employees are Expecting from Employers While They are Searching for a Job

At the beginning of 2020, Gen Z increasingly enters the workforce and most of the companies are hiring Gen Z candidates to increase the company’s talent pool. When recruiting Gen Z employees, companies need to think strategically, and they need to come up with new strategies to attract those talents because Gen Z’s workplace needs are very much different when comparing to other generations. Gen Z is a generation who are lived their life surrounding technology and their information literacy is at a higher level. Therefore, organisations need to change their outdated recruiting methods and company offerings to attract those talents. Since Gen Z employees cannot be motivated by unwanted physical things, organisations need to understand their needs and motivators. Here are some of the elements which Gen Z employees are looking from a company before taking their decision to join.

Flexible working environment 

According to recent studies, Gen z employees value the flexibility at work. After the pandemic, most of the organisations started to shift to the virtual workplace and the majority of the companies are planning to continue virtual workplace because it increases productivity while decreasing operational cost. Therefore, society understands what Gen Z is asking from the employers are more practical. Organisations need to give freedom for employees to innovate new things and the organisation’s need to maintain an innovative culture to attract Gen Z employees. 


Gen z employees are very much different from other generations. They value transparency and truthfulness. Gen Z candidates choose to go for brands who are environmentally friendly and open about their process. They reject brands who are promoting their products using celebrities because they are being paid. Instead of buying and working for those brands, they are willing to work for the brands which are ‘Real’ from every viewpoint. Organisations need to improve their communication methods by improving transparency among all the internal and external stakeholders. It is important to communicate sense of purpose of the business to every interested party so that they can be a part of the company’s journey. Gen Z employees are willing to participate in an organisational culture driven activities if they feel safe for working in the organisation. When giving feedback to Gen z employees transparency is a must and managers need to mention what are the weak and strongest areas for employees to improve themselves. 

A fair wage

Since Gen Z are financially savvy organisations need to pay a reasonable salary for their skills. Most of the surveys have identified that salary is a very important aspect for Gen Z employees. Gen Z is a generation who are living with the technology and they tend to experience new technological things and they are trying to live their life surrounding technology. Therefore, having a good salary is very important to them. They eager to learn and raise their career, because of that they are expecting a fair salary for what they are doing for the organisation. 

Gen Z is more tech-oriented and they are willing to work for companies who are using advanced technology for their day to day work. Also, Gen Z employees are more socially responsible generation and they are looking for socially responsible companies to join and grow their career. Therefore, companies need to improve their CSR and improve visibility among society to attract new talents to their organisation.