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Simple Ways to Boost Employee Productivity within the Organisation

Productivity is the main element of any organisation who are willing to be the market leader in its specific market sector. Since there is, a huge competition coming from market followers who improved their productivity market leaders must take necessary actions before losing their position. Most of the markets, disruptive innovators are climbing up the ladder by providing better service than market leaders for niche markets. Therefore improving productivity is the key to success for any organisation. Majority of the researchers are found a strong positive correlation between happy and healthy employees and workplace productivity. Also being productive will help organisations to utilise their human resources at it is best. Furthermore, productivity in the workplace will increase customer service and satisfaction. It is vital to improving employees’ working lives to improve their productivity. Since the HR department is responsible for improving the company’s productivity below mentioned strategies will help them to achieve their goal in a short period. 

Practice work-life balance

At the beginning of 2020, most of the employees are used to work remotely and after the pandemic situation majority of the organisation has encouraged their employees to work from home. From the beginning of this new decade, working patterns are changing and employees are no longer satisfies with strict working hours. If the company wants to boost its overall productivity they need to provide more flexibility for their employees. It can help employees to enjoy their work-life balance. Organisations need to encourage and motivate their employees by providing them with more flexible working schedules so that the organisation can improve productivity among their workforce and decrease employee turnover. 

Promote a healthy lifestyle 

Organisations need to promote a healthy lifestyle among employees because being unhealthy directly impact on productivity. It is necessary to encourage employees to consume healthy salads, fresh fruits, nuts or seeds instead of bread, pasta, carbonated soft drinks or junk foods. It is important to encourage your employees to make healthier food choices, which will leads to improve productivity. Companies can provide fruits instead of unhealthy snack for employees so that employees can easily change their eating habits. 

Lighting is important 

Having poor lighting system will make it difficult for employees to complete their tasks. Besides, poor lighting will lead to headaches, vision problems, drowsiness and lack of motivation. Therefore, an organisation needs to provide better lighting for employees. Organisations can use natural sunlight in the workplace as much as possible. If it is not possible, they can maintain a good lighting system and wall lights or even organisations can provide individual desk lamps.  

Implementing a rewarding system 

Most of the companies are rewarding their employees based on their time served at the workplace, but these types of initiatives will not encourage employees to go their extra mile to bring success for their organisation. An organisation needs to implement a performance-based reward system, which will allow your employees to be motivated and work toward to achieve specific goals. Organisations can provide a monitory bonus or valuable gifts as rewards so that employees are motivated to work harder than before to get those rewards. If the organisation is rewarding its employees as they achieved their goals, employees are willing to go that extra mile for their employer.   

High productive companies tend to gain more loyal customer rather than less productive companies. Besides, companies need to understand that customer loyalty leads to customer retention and acquisition. If the customers are loyal to your company they tend to share good thoughts about your company among society. Since word of mouth is too powerful, companies need to increase their productivity and improve their loyal customer base to success their business in the industry they are operating.