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Effective team management strategies to increase productivity among remote working teams

Effective team management strategies to increase productivity among remote working teams

As a result of the global pandemic, remote working trends are rising all around the world. Over five months, most of the companies are practising remote working culture and they have identified various advantages that come with remote working. Most of the individuals and companies are able to increase their productivity and profits because of the remote working culture. In addition, this culture helps employees to effectively spend their working hours without getting distracted. After the pandemic majority of the companies hiring remote workers for their virtual teams. According to the studies, 44% of the employees are more likely to happy and productive in the remote working culture. However, some employees are not used to work in a remote environment and recent studies found reasons how the companies are failing because of the remote working mistakes. The biggest mistake is using the wrong remote working techniques and technologies. Companies need to provide employees with technical assistance to get the maximum outcome from the remote working culture. To get the maximum outcome from the remote working culture employees and virtual teams can follow below-mentioned strategies.

Stop multitasking

Most of the professionals think that multitasking saves time. However, the fact is that your brain takes at least 15 minutes to refocus whenever you switch tasks. If you continue to do multitasking your mind needs to shift continuously and it will affect your productivity. Because of that, it is important to focus on one task and finish it instead of trying to do all the tasks at once.

Improve communication 

Managers must improve the organisational culture to build strong relationships among team members through effective communication. Building team spirit is necessary when it comes to effective communication. Besides, organisations must improve and increase communication channels in both digital and physical platforms to build strong team collaboration. Leaders must track the progress of the work with reports and time tracking. Also when communicating with each other in the virtual workplace it is important to use advanced software to make effective two-way communication. 

Avoid wasting time surfing the web 

Most of the jobs require using the internet, especially when working in a remote workplace. Online working can be a disadvantage for easily distracted employees because they tend to surf in web and waste their time. This will influence employees’ productivity and team effort of finishing work on time. Therefore, employees must turn off their smartphones and avoid using social media during working hours.

Arrange your own workplace 

Instead of bed and couch in your home, arrange a separate place to do your work. Otherwise being in a couch or bed, you will feel that you are spending your leisure time, which leads to decreasing productivity.

Remote employees can follow methods like ‘Getting Things Done’, to increase productivity among themselves. The method comes with five easy steps, which helps you to increase productivity. Those are collect, process, organise, reflect and engage. By following this method and above-mentioned strategies companies can improve productivity among remote working groups.