Remote working communication cheat sheet?

Many of us these days are experiencing short commute times from home to office. Given the current pandemic situation, we travel to our workplace via online group chat with our work colleagues. Activities involving planning, scheduling, meetings, work allocation and everything else happens on some sort of digital platform , is communicated via chat. Companies are relying on asynchronous communication to carry on their work duties.


Do you have an effective pandemic HR plan? If so you are good to go!

Most often we are not ready to tackle unexpected changes of events. We tend to make long term plans without assessing the possibilities of sudden disruptions. As an HR manager , it could be quite challenging to overcome these obstacles within a short period of time. Let us have a look at how you can manage the workflow of your organisation by taking into account a few critical aspects


Five ways to enhance employee experience

1) Digital transformation

Look around you and almost everything you do will have a digital- tech element attached to it. We live in a world that is on a race towards a digital sphere. When it comes to employee experience, the journey of a particular employee can be enhanced through digital transformation.

For example, one such digital transformative tool that managers can look at to create more employee engagement within the workplace is Enterprise Social Networking platforms. Likewise, Juraa is an ESN, which provides the opportunity for employers to be more interactive with each other and build a sense of camaraderie through collaboration and engagement. The knowledge-sharing forum feature offered by Juraa will help employees learn from different departments, making use of the overall knowledge in-house. Moreover, the achievement sharing feature will also allow employees to feel more special, as they have the chance to celebrate their achievements and garner the due recognition and praise for the hard work from their colleagues.


The art of thinking independently together

Diversity. What does this actually mean?

Let us take a moment and imagine a scenario where every one you meet, shares the same viewpoints, opinions, and perspectives as you. Sure there is nothing wrong with associating likeminded people but how far can it go? Until it starts feeling mundane.