Is Feedback Necessary for a Candidate after Rejection?

As an employer, it is your responsibility to choose the best candidates for vacancies in your company. Not all candidates can be chosen, and we believe it is a matter of courtesy to provide feedback to the one’s rejected. Why? From the candidate’s perspective, not being informed or receiving feedback after all the time spent researching the employer, hours spent rehearsing responses to difficult questions, attending the interview and performing admirably can be discouraging.

Imagine yourself in the shoes of a candidate, would receiving feedback from the interviewer have helped your career? Chances are that you most likely would have been


Why HR leaders should hire older Interns.

Recently I watched the movie ‘The Intern’ and while I enjoyed it considerably, I was taken aback by how engaging it was. The movie is about a 70 year old senior retiree called Ben, who out of boredom applies for a senior internship program at an online fashion site. Ben is assigned with Jules, the founder of the online shopping site who unwillingly agrees to participate in the program. Ben positions himself as Jules' advisor, a role model for Gen Z, and a guiding light of business knowledge for the entire organization over time.


How To Nail Your First Job as an Intern

Generation Z and the remaining population of millennials are now graduating college and are seeking internships as the first steps to making a career. An internship is more of a step into the real world and helps one develop their professional aptitude, strengthen personality and explore the industry that they are interested to pursue their career in. Some could be enthusiastic about it while others can find it to be quite daunting.

Internships tend to be short and it is important that you utilise this time period to shine and become the best intern your team has ever had!

And here's some tips from a fellow intern on how to nail your internship:


Millennials: Truth or a Myth?

Throughout the last decade millennials and their mindset has been a much talked about topic. Being a millennial myself I began to wonder, was all this much talk and debate a waste of time? Is the definition of millennials and the surrounding facts merely a myth?

After attending many conferences, referring to books and listening to expert talks regarding this topic what made me comprehend was millennials are perceived as the black sheep among the generations, especially the previous generations.