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Top 4 reasons why a good employee would quit the job

Top 4 reasons why a good employee would quit the job

Hiring the right candidate for the job is a tough task for the recruiters in the modern day. However retaining the perfect fit could be even harder as expectations and job satisfaction are affected due to many reasons.

However the good employees are passionate about their job and loyal towards their company. They would want to learn and grow in one place for a long time and improve their expertise in their field. Yet there are instances where these employees might decide to leave despite the perks and other benefits they may receive from the organisation.


The reasons are;


1. Lack of recognition and appreciation

Everyone loves appreciation and recognition in the work place. It doesn’t have to be a big reward or a company announcement of the good work an individual has done. Just a tap on the back and kudos from the immediate boss would be sufficient for an employee to be motivated and feel good about the work they do. 


2. Profit over employees

Organisations which are motivated by profit will only be concerned about the revenue targets and cost reduction in order to be more profitable and meet shareholder expectations. However these organisations may miss out on the expectations and motivation levels of one of the most critical stakeholder and asset, employees that contributes towards the success of the business.


3. Lack of training and skill development

While the employees are already pursuing skills and talent that would be used to make things easy at the workplace, they want to improve and enhance them in order to be more competitive and efficient when performing their designated role in the organisation. When they contribute with their knowledge and skills to improve the organisation’s performance eventually it becomes a responsibility of the business to develop and train employees to improve their knowledge and skills.


4. No transparency and proper communication on company activities

Transparency is utmost important in the workplace. Employees would want to know the future plans and current performance of the organisation. When there is an effective communication method within the office and people are well informed and they feel more engaged and becomes loyal to the organisation. They will be there for the organisation during bad times and work in order to uplift the business. 


Avoiding the above mentioned acts could lead in increased employee engagement, loyalty and motivation which eventually would push the organisation harder towards achieving outlined goals and objectives.