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Top 6 qualities possessed by great employees

Top 6 qualities possessed by great employees

This article highlights the top most attributes of a great employee of an organisation. Even though skills and knowledge are the most important things to be looked at when recruiting an employee, these can be developed overtime with effective training. However there are certain things that cannot be changed what so ever. 

Character of a person defines who they are and what they are capable of. A considerable amount of weightage should be given to this area as well. The list can go on for pages and below listed are top 9 qualities you will find on a great employee;


1. Confidence

Once must be confident to take up any kind of a job despite the nature of the task given. Surely the management will be happy handover whatever the work to a person who is confident enough to achieve outlined goals and objectives. Confident employees are up for any challenge and bear a higher risk without an issue. 


2. Team work

Not everyone can work in a team as one. Contribution of each person drives towards team’s success. An employee who can with team towards a common goal will be an asset to the organisation. 


3. Self-motivated

Motivation is essential in the work place. Self-motivated people tend to take responsibility on their work and do not have to be behind them pushing to get the work done. They understand their role and what exactly needs to be done. Negativity cannot stop them, they will push harder and work smart.


4. Honesty and ethics

They are extremely honest and possess higher level ethics. They will accept constructed criticism as well as appreciation in the same manner. They always value others comments both good and bad and will self asses their work and not afraid to accept their failures and learn from their mistakes.


5. Punctuality 

Everyone loves people who are punctual. One must stick to the times they promised to be at a meeting. Not being able to work on time could cost a lot of money to the organisation.