4 mistakes you do on social media that could have a negative impact on your career

Social media has become one of the most important aspects of our lives. We all love posting things on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google etc. However posting online could have a negative impact  on your current or future career.


Content that you post on social media is seen by many. Not only your immediate boss and colleagues also your clients and potential recruiters see and sometime they may judge you based on that. Avoiding below outlined mistakes could prevent you from getting in to trouble and making any negative impact on your job.


These 7 ways will help you to be a great boss

We all want to work for a great boss. A miserable management of a team could lead to numerous crisis situations, even the employee retention could become a major problem in organisations. What if we all knew how to be a great boss? Surely we can make the work place a better for everyone.


There are many things you could do to make a great boss. Being an example and mentoring your subordinates will help them to become a better leader in the future as well. There are some characteristics which are naturally carried by many of us but some may lack leadership qualities that are vital to manage and work with a team.



Why should you use big data analytics for HR

The term big data has become more common for the past couple of years in the modern business world and now it has started to take over HR industry by a storm. Many experts claim that using big data HR has become inevitable.

So what is big data?

Big data is extremely huge volumes of data that is available in both organised and unorganized form. The most important thing is not how much of data an organisation would possess but how they make use of it.


Top 4 reasons that makes employees stay

It is not an easy task to recruit the perfect fit for the organisation and thereafter to retain them. Despite the industry they operate in almost all the businesses in the world have this common obstacle to overcome.  In order to do that organisations should know what makes employees stay at one work place than changing jobs time to time.