Top 4 reasons why a good employee would quit the job

Hiring the right candidate for the job is a tough task for the recruiters in the modern day. However retaining the perfect fit could be even harder as expectations and job satisfaction are affected due to many reasons.

However the good employees are passionate about their job and loyal towards their company. They would want to learn and grow in one place for a long time and improve their expertise in their field. Yet there are instances where these employees might decide to leave despite the perks and other benefits they may receive from the organisation.


Global HR trends of 2017

Moving forward to 2017, things we need to keep in mind the following


1. The need of keeping workforce skills and knowledge up to date.

This will be one of the most crucial aspects organisations will have to look in to in Keeping skills and knowledge levels of the organisation’s workforce in the ever changing world of business is utmost important.


Sexual harassment; how to avoid it at the workplace?

It is one of employer’s key responsibilities to prevent sexual harassment at work place. Every employee has the right to come to work and get back home without having to face any kind of discrimination or harassment at office.


Taking necessary steps to prevent sexual harassment will help the organisation as well as the employee to maintain their dignity and respect in the industry. Failing to provide a safe working environment at the work place would tarnish the corporate image of the organisation and will lead to several issues in recruitment and retaining the employees.



You might feel everything is going fine in your organisation. There are important aspects you may miss while getting carried away by the performance. Human resources management is one of those important areas that most of the organisations miss out on due to heavy focus on maximising profitability and revenue.  Mismanaging the most important asset, Human resources of a company will have large impact on the organisation’s performance and goal achievement in the long run.


It is vital that an organistion rectify their HR mistakes before they become major issues and ultimately dragged in to a crisis situation. Some of the consequences include inability to attract employees, lower employee motivation, negative word of mouth in the industry and defamation of the organisational reputation and image.